03 March 2012

The Visit

My buddy T-Rob out of Oklahoma was in town last week for some r&r. I was able to have some snowy peaks waiting for him. As of this writing, Sandia Peak still has a 42 inch base.

Although the peaks were snowy, in town it was mild and in the 50's. Perfect for a trip to the Rio Grande Zoo & Biological Park.

 On this visit, we would head north to Santa Fe, Taos and the northern frontier.

 I really like the pueblo and Spanish Colonial architecture that has been preserved in Santa Fe. Sadly, Albuquerque has leveled most of its historic buildings outside of 'Old Town'.

 If you happen to make it to Santa Fe, the 'plaza' is a must. Just off the plaza is a chapel called Loretto Chapel. It is a revered chapel because of the folklore of its famed 'miracle stairway'.


The stairway has been the subject of legend and rumor, and the circumstances surrounding its construction and its builder [a mysterious 'carpenter'] are considered miraculous by the Sisters of Loretto and many visitors. 

The story was the subject of the 1998 movie 'The Staircase' starring Barbara Hershey and William Petersen.

I'm Out.


Patt Gavin said...

Your pictures are stunning, as always. I would love to see the chapel someday. It looks really beautiful.

Teezy said...

Hey Mick-

Sorry I haven't visited your site in a while—I had to give up bloggerland temporarily.

I took a little time this past week to look over a bunch of your posts. I am glad your are still traveling around the state and it's good to see that you decided to make a trip up north to my neck of the woods. I hope you had a good time in Santa Fe.

BTW—has anyone at the Rio Grande Zoo taken the time to drag that dead kangaroo carcass out of the display area? It just seems a little creepy for the kids :-).

I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

Patt Gavin said...

Hey Mick, I'm trying to reach you. Has your email address changed?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick
Sent you a email and got no reply..you change email still the same?