26 May 2012


I know I know...where the hell have I been????? I am SOOOOO far behind on posts...over a year and a half worth of stuff has happened. Honestly, e-blogger has just become too frustrating for me to use. It use to be sooo simple. Log on, REVIEW, EDIT, CREATE or POST ones blog, Log off. Not any more. There are so many functions you have to maneuver through and it just bugs the hell out of me. I like simple!!  One by one I have seen my friends blogs just ... stop. Months and months go by and more and more stop posting. Is it finally time for me to try facebook???   

Fire season has returned and it ties in with this posting. A year ago the Las Conchas Fire north of Albuquerque became the worst fire in state history. A year later, the Whitewater fire has merged with the Baldy Complex fire and has the potential to be as large due to the howling 50 mile an hour winds. Can you tell which photo above is the morning shot and which is the sunset shot??


When my buddy T-Rob was here this past spring, we took a drive up to Bandelier National Monument north of Albuquerque. I was devastated. The monument was hit hard by the Las Conchas fire. After the fire, the autumn monsoons hit and almost destroyed the visitor center that was built during the depression by the WPA. 

I am sad to report that the  area trails were washed away. You only know your way by ribbons tied around charred trees that lead you to the now closed cliff dwellings. If you go I recommend good waterproof hiking boots as you will have to cross streams where bridges were washed away.


I DO recommend you go to Bandelier, the monument will need a lot of money to restore the area. Also, take your kids, show them the devastation wildfires can cause.

If not you, who?

BTW, The top fire pic is an evening pic, the bottom pic a morning pic.

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Patt Gavin said...

Another place I'd love to visit. Thanks for the pictures, Mick. Beautiful as always. Patt