08 February 2010

Upham Update

On a recent excursion to southern New Mexico I drove past Upham, New Mexico.

Upham who/whaaaa???

Upham, NM is the future home of America's first commercial spaceport, currently named Spaceport America, being built by the New Mexico Spaceport Authority who's main tenant will
be Virgin Galactic.

The spaceport is currently under construction with the main runways and terminal building going up now.

What I didn't know is that you can now take hard had tours!!

Tours must be made through www.spaceportamerica.com

The current price is $59 and the tour is about 3-4 hours.

You will need to drive to Truth or Consequences, NM

Visit their website for more details.

Did you know the name of the first commercial spaceship being built for Virgin Galactic has been christened VSS Enterprise? TOO COOL!

Some have balked at the $200,000 dollar price tag for tickets, but remember this is only the beginning, as more and more companies compete for a presence in space and as governments continue to cut back on budgets for space projects, commercialization of space will grow bringing down costs.

William Shatner was offered a FREE ride on the inaugural flight of the VSS Enterprise. He turned it down, saying: "I DO want to go up but I need guarantees I will definitely come back."

I'm out.


Teezy said...

Great, we're making even easier access for the aliens to come here, harvest us and eat our brains.

I used to commute between Santa Fe and Phoenix. The times that I would drive I would go through the Salt River Canyon (just for the scenery). I would pass the VLA National Radio Astronomy Observatory outside of Socorro—it is pretty amazing. They have tours—if you haven't already, you should check it out.

I remember driving by a few times and seeing cows in the surrounding fields—you know that they put them there as alien bait—they denied it when I asked but you know scientists—they lie.

So, if you go, here are some tips:

Wrap your head in aluminum foil.

Talk to yourself in French (there have been no reported abductions by aliens in France)

Don't play dead. They will just as easily experiment on a corpse.

MICK said...

I have been to VLA, its transmissions interrupted our navigation systems when our craft landed from homeworld... ooops..I've said too much.

The aluminum foil idea is great...keeps your brains firm, not mushy....ooops....again I've said too much.

And we have purposely avoided France because ...well isn't it obvious...they are just too damn rude.

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

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