07 February 2010

Notes From The Field

Greetings friends.

If you thought all I have been doing this winter is staying indoors and hibernating...well you would be right.

However, this weekend I am on location gearing up for season five of Land of the Zia.

I can feel winter losing the battle against the oncoming spring. Although there is a 60 percent chance of snow and rain here in the Duke City I will be waaaay down south, so stay tuned as new blog adventures begin the third week of February, WOOOO HOOO!

I'm out.


Vic Mansfield said...

I'm looking forward to it. And, please: NO more snow.

MICK said...

Errr...uhm... heh.. no snow huh.. hmmm..

Dale said...

Way to go Mick..way to go. Spring is coming. I looked outside a couple days, a few minutes after 5 and it was still light out. last time i paid attention it was dark at 4:30. It's been a very weird winter he in the boonies. All that snow we had, then all that rain and now the ground is almost bare. Beside the house where the foundation helps warm the earth I noticed today that there are lilies starting to sprout. I had some extra mulch to throw over them hoping to protect them for a coule months.
Nap time.