21 December 2009

Holiday Cheer!

Took a few days off to visit my aunt and grandfather in Arizona and drop off their Christmas [yes, I said CHRISTMAS!] presents.

Here's a couple of snapshots...

My aunt made her own tree ornaments. She is pretty damn good with crochet.

My sister joined me... we even took time to help my aunt with her jigsaw puzzle, just like the old days.

We took her out to the casino in Pinetop in eastern Arizona. Luckily the roads were clear.

The drive home took a little longer as there was a propane truck accident and it backed up traffic for miles. Luckily we were diverted and lost only an hour.

Over all a great weekend trip.

I'm out.

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K-Mo said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday weekend (I say holiday because it wasn't over Christmas itself, not because I'm trying to drive the word out of the season).

I got the calendar - it's stunning - thank you so much! finally I have a physical address I can send you cards and such to, assuming I ever remember to do it! hugs from the deep south.