07 December 2009

Christmasy Goodness.

My brother is a baker by trade so you can bet that when Christmas rolls around I REAAAALLY look forward to his gift bags....mmmm

My sister also has her specialty....home made cookies. Here in NM we call them 'biscochitos (bis-co-chee-tose), basically short bread cookies with cinnamon and anis that are generally made around Christmas.

I am gonna have a reeeeal hard time leaving some for Santa....

I'm out.


Dale said...

Those cookies sound incredible...think your sis will give me the recipe?

Vic Mansfield said...

Hey, can I play Santa at your house?

Mission4Christ Media said...

The pictures are great and the cookies are yummy:)

Anonymous said...

Don't eat all those GREAT sweets all by yourself...leave some for other folks that have also been GOOOOD...like ME...-Mike