05 September 2009

The Light Station

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

That evening we hopped on the F Line street car and headed to the Castro for some brews and chow.

There is definitely a different vibe from say downtown.

And only in San Francisco can I imagine seeing a nude guy wearing only shoes and a back pack walking casually down the street... FOUR TIMES!!

We were headed down Market on the street car when we saw the first one. Then we saw him again in the Castro, and then, as we stopped in for a slice of pizza, T-Rob noticed THREE MORE guys walk by the store front - nude! WTF??

After a few more beers we hopped back on the street car and headed back to our hotel for the night.

We slept well that night and in the morning, headed out.

Instead of driving back down I-5 to Los Angeles, we took the 101 along the coast.

Man I'm glad we did. If you EVER get the chance to drive down the coast in northern California...do so. I was awestruck.

I could have stared out into the ocean for hours. You could see it in T-Robs eyes too. Andre? Well he is an urban dweller and stayed in the car. He is not a road trip kind of guy.

His loss.

What is probably my favorite part of the trip was an unexpected jewel we came across: Pigeon Point Light Station.

I have never seen a light station, so coming across this and seeing it from a distance gave me a feeling of wonder. I was a kid again.

This light station is only an hour drive from San Francisco so I highly recommend getting out of town and taking the drive.

The light station is also a hostel and not exclusive to the young, it is open to all with very reasonable rates. $23 bucks if you share a room to only $61-$76 for a double. Check it out at


I WILL return here someday. It calls to me.

I'm out.


K-Mo said...

Glad to see you had a good first visit to SF. It's a shame it had to be so short, because the city is truly a gem - something like an opal or turquoise, because there are all these small spots, throughout the city, where the vistas and the skies and everything just come together, and each little spot has its own beauty and interest, but the whole is so much greater than the parts.

Promise me you'll go sometime with me when I can show you all over.

MICK said...

Now that sounds like a plan!! Have a great time when you go and don't forget to take lots of pics!! Enjoy!!