21 September 2009


The weather man today said, today was most likely our last day of 80s temps. Tomorrow we are supposed to drop 20 degrees or more and by Wednesday our high could be 58!! Hello Mr. Cold Front.

Weather-dude also said snow in the north is possible.


Who kidnapped summer?

I'm fine with winter...as long as I am under the quilts and comforters.

I digress.

The weather this past weekend was awesome.

Every time this year I take my dad back to our hometown in Airzona to visit with his brothers and his dad.

The desert is awesome this time of year as the monsoons have made the desert soooo green. Wide open skies, the open road. I love it.

We always stay with my aunt. Her house has not changed much since I was a kid and that is how I like it.

Not to mention the home cooking.

My aunt, the reader.

We stopped to visit my cousin Gary, the hunter.

We swung by McHood Park, an oasis in otherwise flat shrub land.

We had to stop by and say hello to mom.

Hello, mom.

It was just a short weekend trip but went well.
The drive home was interesting. I love driving across the desert, you never know what you will see.

I'm out.

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Dale said...

Nice photos..glad you had a good time. Take care of yourself and your Dad.