22 July 2009


I'm sure as you have scanned your 500 channels on cable or Dish you have come across the Food Network.

Chef Bobby Flay has a program called THROWDOWN, where he challenges local chefs.

Tonights show had him challenging Bobby Olguin from the Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio, New Mexico, 85 miles north of Albuquerque .

The challenge: who can make the best chile cheeseburger.

Yes, I said 'chile'. Chili is what you get in Texas and Oklahoma....LOL...where they eat it with a spoon....LOLOLOL and not tor-tee-uhs..... I'm killin' me!!!!

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.... being the fancy schmancy chef he is, he used two special chile's, red wine vinegar, olive oil, gourmet cheese and pickled onions...LOL...where did he think he was...Santa Fe???? LOLOLOL

Needless to say... the judges awarded Bobby Olguin's as best green chile cheeseburger.

His secret? Hatch, NM green chili of course. Basic, simple and DELICIOUS. I often say 'green chile will make ANYTHING taste better'.

McDonalds in New Mexico serve green chile as a condiment -- making their burgers actually edible!!

Also of note is the Bobcat Bite up near Santa Fe, NM. Both restaurants have been nationally recognized by the likes of GQ Magazine and Marlboro.com.

If you missed the episode it will be re-broadcast on 2 August on the Food Network at 9pm MST.

Good job Bobby Olguin!!




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