13 July 2009


One of my favorite comedies is from a few years back called SHAUN OF THE DEAD starring funny men Simon Pegg [Scotty, from the new STAR TREK movie] and Nick Frost.

The pair would re-team for another comedy called HOT FUZZ, equally hilarious.

Word is that the two have re-teamed again and are working on a film here in New Mexico called PAUL, a sci-fi comedy. I'm stoked.

Based on the clip below they are filming partly here in Albuquerque as I can see the Sandia Mountains in the back ground. It would be awesome to run into them.

I would love to tell them, "I would have kept Stone Roses 'Second Coming' as well."

Granted, if you have not seen their films then you have no idea what I'm talking about.

T-Rob, I'm sure you do, LOL.

Check out the official production blog at www.whatispaul.com

I'm out.

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T-Rob said...

I would never use my copy of Second Coming as a weapon against zombie hordes