03 December 2008

The Lights Fantastic

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

Exhibit A: River of Lights

Every December the city of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Botanical Gardens put on a 'light sculpture' show called The River of Lights.

The weather this year was very mild compared to last year. Its a great way to spend an evening. Have a good meal and then take the tour. It's only seven bucks!! Enjoy!!

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

OK, I was thinking that the balloon festival was going to be the best time to visit... but seeing this, and knowing now that winter is the best time to hit Sandia Crest for Rosy-finches... I think it's going to have to be a winter trip. Not to mention that cold weather hopefully might mean curling up for a good movie by a fireplace somewhere?

MICK said...

What time of year to visit is a good question. The first two weeks of October generally are the last two weeks of decent weather in Abq. The mornings are brisk [40s] but the air clear and days mild. But no sooner then Oct. 15 comes around and usually the weather changes to windy cold and wet....well except this year. It's been rather mild, 30s at night low 50s in the day...I LOVE IT.

Nov-Dec are usually cold and windy with some snow flurries. Jan-March are usually COLD rainy,snowy and windy. April and May the weather begins to improve but we have seen snow into April. June and July the heat picks up although it does not get as hot as you might expect. I think last year we had maybe one or two days of 100 degree heat. Generally the heat stays in southern New Mexico. I grew up on and off in the southwest so the heat does not bother me at all.

The monsoons come in August and it can get rainy and VERY humid but that only lasts about a month. September is probably my favorite month when fall sets in and the state fair arrives....you can smell green chili in the air towards the end of the month. It's a great month to explore NM.

Winter is probably best in the north part of the state, Santa Fe, Taos, Raton. Lots of skiing up there and plenty of lodges with big ol' fire places.

Me...I like the mild to hot weather. Winter is for the birds...lol...get it, the birds... wink.

LesleyinNM said...

Your photos are awesome!

I haven't been to river of lights yet this year, but my photos always come out blurry.

MICK said...

Hey Lesley,

Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

Two tips:

1. DO NOT use your flash. The flash absorbs any light coming from the object you are taking a picture of and all you get is a 'washed out' photo.

Not using the flash allows the camera to absorb all the light from the object you are shooting. I did not use a flash in any of the pictures from the RoL

Any kind of movement will give you a blurry look.

Hope that helps. Oh and if you make it to River of Lights you might also look into to going to the town of Madrid, NM on the east side of the Sandias about 30 minutes north on 14 to Santa Fe. Check it out on a Saturday night between now and Christmas. The whole town is lit up and I understand its quite the picture taking opportunity. Not to mention the green chili, chicken, blue corn tortilla enchiladas at the Mineshaft Tavern are DELICIOUS!!!

LesleyinNM said...

The #1 tip is likely the reason. I never turn off the auto flash.

I normally make it to Madrid for the lights and stop in at the Mine Shaft. If I make it this year I will try that tip and see how my pix come out!