11 December 2008

Calm Before The Storm

The last few days have been amazing compared to Thanksgiving week when we had snow, hail and graupel [which I can only recall ever seeing once before as a kid]. I happened to get three days off in a row. The first two will be spent winterizing the house and yard but Saturday is unplanned. It is supposed to be the warmest day of the week, a balmy 55 and clear. Perfect day for a trip. I'll keep ya posted on what develops. Next week back to 'winter' weather and the very good possibility of snow!!


Anonymous said...

I had to look up what "graupel" was - it's something we've never had, to my knowledge.

Today was a snow day here - pics on my blog, too bad it won't last till Christmas!

MICK said...

As soon as I heard Betty Davis and Jennifer Lopez [yes, their real names, ha] of the Weather Channel mention it was snowing in BRLA and Nawlins I went to your blog and sho'nuff saw how beautiful it looked.

Snow is awesome....unless you have to drive in a foot of it. I did not miss it when I moved to LA.

The other morning I was heading to work at 3:30 am and walked outside to ice on the windshiield...man how I hate that...ugh. And THEN you have to warm up the car UGH UGH!!

As for 'graupel' I remember coming home from elementary school and having this stuff pelt me in the face. It's basically a snowflake encased in ice and when its windy feels like pin pricks on your face. They look like those little styrofoam balls falling from the sky.

And last but not least....I hate the fog that develops on the first warm day after a big snow....TERRIBLE.

But I'll say this....sure is a hell of a lot better then a hurricane. Yuck.