07 June 2008


As you continue on the Turquoise Trail [NM14] you will come to the town of MADdrid. See my posting HOG WILD for info on the town. MADdrid was a mining town back in the 1800s. When the coal business declined so did MADrid and it became a ghost town.

In the 1970s the hippies and artists arrived. They restored alot of the old 'company town' buildings and turned them into art galleries and other shops. The town thrives again with festivals and chili cook-offs. This past weeknd it was packed.

The last time I was here the Madrid Mining Museum was closed. Fortunately it was open this time.

Engine 769 is the oldest steam engine in New Mexico. If it could only talk.

Should you find yourself in MADdrid I highly recommend having lunch at the Mine Shaft Tavern. We did today and had some delicious blue corn, green chili chicken enchiladas. Very flavorfull!!! The blue and red corn chips and salsa were great too.
After spending the day visiting all the art shops and what not we made our way up to Santa Fe, but just to the edge of town where the Santa Fe Brewing Company is. I had found 'the joint' where the Drive-by Truckers will be playing.
A good day. Maybe next time I will finally actually make it into Santa Fe.

I'm out.

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