14 June 2008


It's going to be around the century mark all this week. Current plans are calling for a time travel trip for me next weekend so keep ya posted. Going to see Drive-by Truckers with my buddy Clay on Tuesday so that should be cool. Of course I'll have full reports for you.

FYI: If you are a tv watcher [I'm not really] there are two shows that I have been informed of that are filmed here locally...I happened to catch bits of both this week. One is BREAKING BAD on A&E starring Bryan Cranston , the father from Malcolm In The Middle.

In Breaking Bad he plays a father/chemistry teacher diagnosed with a fatal illness who turns to making 'meth' to support his family, or so I gathered. It's a dark comedy from what I could tell.

The second is IN PLAIN SIGHT on USA Network It's about a female US Marshal and her dysfunctional mother and sister. It was actually kind of funny. Can't say I will watch it weekly but it was decent.

Also, remember the movie CRASH that won the Oscar a few years back...well its a television show now on STARZ. I'm guessing it's still set in LA but they are filming it here in town. Damn Hollywood for closing streets downtown in the middle of rush hour!!

One cool thing; they both featured a scene at one of Albuquerque's culinary landmarks:

Now THESE are good dogs!!
I'm out.

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