13 January 2008


Oh man it feels good to be back among the living.

I am not one to to get sick. I had perfect attendance in most of my youth and young adult hood. At most I would get a three day head cold, so when this one dragged out to the fifth day I took myself to urgent care. I felt REAAAAAL bad.

Fortunately the doc said I had some kind of bronchial infection, not the flu, not strep and not the hanta virus [wooohooo!!!]. She says its very common this time of year. She gave me some antibiotics and by day two my throat was no longer swollen and I could eat food again!!!

However; I have NO sense of smell or taste [ala Dewey Coxx!!] I'll accept that being that i already feel 50 percent better then I did the day before. Now if this damn frigid weather would just let up so I could take some trips outback!!

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pup...we missed you!

Anonymous said...

We did indeed miss you.

MICK said...

Thanks Dale!! Thanks K-Mo!!!
Now I just have to deal with the side effects of the antibiotics...guhs.


Anonymous said...

Walk it off man...It'll make the hair on your chest grow...I'm kidding bro, glad to know you're ALL better now...-Mike