01 January 2008


In 2007 two of the big 'cultural' arguments of discussion on talk radio here in New Mexico were the designs for the New Mexico Rose Bowl Parade float and the New Mexico State Quarter.

The Rose Bowl float is now a moot point, especially with the float winning the Grand Marshals Trophy for excellence [take that Virginia!]

Many New Mexicans did not like the fact that the float depicted 'aliens' in referance to the alleged 1947 UFO crash in Roswell. They wanted it to depict our mountains, dramatic vistas and rivers. Yawn.

Colorado has taller mountains, Utah has equally dramatic vistas and Arizona has more lakes and rivers!!

This float was humorous and whimsical and if anything probably had more people Google New Mexico then last years 'adobe mission' float!!! Congrats to the design team and the New Mexico Board of Tourism!!

The second 'hot topic' was the design chosen for the 2009 New Mexico State Quarter. The winning design is simply: b o r i n g: The Zia [sun] symbol over an outline of the state.

I also don't like the placement of the phrase LAND OF ENCHANTMENT. Is it me or does the type just look too crowded.

Two other designs were kind of cool. The Balloon Fiesta one was a natural however it is a bit biased towards Albuquerque and not the state.

The second one depicts the Atomic Bomb which is just a cool design considering the flora and fauna ones from other states. Peace-niks sure didin't like that one.

Personally I would have chosen one that depicted both the native population and the European population and the influence of both on the culture of the state. I would have an Indian figure on the left and a conquistador on the right with maybe a Yucca plant separating the two...but who am I.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

I definitely like the float design... whimsy is important in parades and NM sure nailed that one on the head.

As for coins... well, I tend to like simple, graphic designs. The Zia sun symbol is a nice bold, clear representation of the state; admittedly it doesn't reflect all of the state's cultures, but it arguably reflects the most famous. Plus it really just looks sharp.

But I would have run "Land of Enchantment" across in a straight light below the state border. As is, I don't think it's crowded so much as it is unbalanced... nothing on the right side of the design to balance it out.

MICK said...

Although I like the Zia...I named my blog as such... Not too many people know what the Zia. It could be I am not giving them too much credit either... after Gov. Richardsons's performance in Iowa..I'm sure it will be forgotton anyway...lol.

Anonymous said...

Possibly... but I've seen the sign used in other contexts, like on the flag, and on Southwest's New Mexico One, so maybe I'm preconditioned to recognize it. I do think people would immediately recognize it as southwestern, at least, which is a step in the right direction. :)