20 November 2007


Hello viewers....I'm still trying to work out some technical difficulties when trying to upload videos. Sometimes they want to load sometimes they don't. They are of the specified size and type of file as per blogger but it's hit and miss. Here are a few from the archives.

First up is from last winter when we got our second snow and before the big punch breaking all previous snow records. I didn't take a lot of video at the time because I was on dial-up and it took forever to send them. I really like this new feature of blogger because now I can simply post them and with broadband its quick n' easy for the most part.

Next up is a video from the Tent Rocks between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It is an amazing place and I need to return. The day I went last winter a big snow storm was approaching and I did not want to be caught in it so I left before I could see the 'cave' which I understand is pretty cool.

This one is from the road leading out of Tent Rocks. Boring I know but at the time I did not know I was going to be publishing it. I was hoping to get video of a Chuppacabra but no luck.

I hope you all have a GREAT Turkey Day!!! I know I will, I can't wait to start eating!!!

Best to all of you and a special shout out to my buddy Mike who will probably spend his T-Day in a Houston hospital by his partner's side. Both of you are in my prayers Mike.

I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

The video on the way to Tent Rocks is NOT all that boring, the music in the background is actually cool, what band is it? -Mike