24 November 2007


Woe is me. I purchased a GE/Phillips hi-speed quad UBS port thinking that if it had four ports on it theoretically I would be able to have four electronic media devices plugged in at once...right. Well screw that.... I plugged in my digital camera then my digital cam-corder and splaaaaatz: power surge. It fried my cam-corder so the only video images that were saved were two semi-interesting ones that you will see below.

It sucks because some of the images I had captured were truely amazing. Swirling clouds as if they were filmed in high speed but they were not, they were real time. Cloud cover kept moving in then out then in then out at an amazing speed. It was sooo cool. Plus I had captured some images of the ascent and descent: all lost. Woe is me.

Damn you GE, damn you all to... you get the picture.

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