19 August 2007

Sherman, set the way-back machine to 1540.

I had the opportunity today to go to a rodeo or go back in time to a city in the clouds. Which one do you think I chose. Here's a sneak peek.

Francisco Vaques de Coronado's army visited Acoma in the year 1540 and became the first white man to enter Sky City.

He described Acoma as:

"One of the strongest ever seen, because the city was built on a high rock. The ascent was so difficult that we repented climbing to the top. The houses are three and four stories high. The people are of the same type as those in the province of Cibola (Zuni) and they have abundant supplies of maize, beans and turkeys like those of New Spain. (Minge 1976:4)


Anonymous said...

100 Postings?? geesh you must have a lot to say!! Should we cut the cake now?

MICK said...

As long as it's lemon....mmmmm lemon, I loves me some lemon.

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