31 August 2007


The bastards!!! What on earth whould possess someone to drive down a neighborhood street bashing in car windows!!?? I had to be at work by four am this morning and around three fifteen am walked out to this. I had parked my truck on the street in front of the house where I have for two years now with no incident. Someone between 10pm and 3am probably used a bat...bashing in all the automobile windows on my side of the street. Why!!!!????? They could have been inside watching "Don't Forget the Lyrics". I just don't understand this crazy world. Of course it would happen on the eve of a holiday weekend. The soonest anyone can fix it is Tuesday. Until then I have to ride around hoping the cops don't stop me or that it shatters when I hit a bump in the road. Fortunately the tint [and tape] is holding it together.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you about your truck. I lived in Boston for years, not always in the best neighborhoods, and my car was never touched. I finally move back to Waterville Maine, nice small town of 25 k population and my car gets broken into, in the middle of the afternoon, while I was taking my mother grocery shopping.
Keep the faith pup, don't let the idiots win.

MICK said...

It's just one of the many speedbumps in life DGC. That's why I try and keep it under 40.

Unknown said...

yeah, you never were a speedy driver gramps. :)

MICK said...

Now, now...you listen here, 'sonny' the 's l o w' lane was invented for seniors like me who like to take a quick nap sometimes while driving, see....hold on... my air hose fell out...there it is.. anyhow..what was I sayin'...oh yeah...i'm sick and tired of the price of Jell-o going up and up. Why back in my day Jell-o was only two-bits...oops...gotta go, Matlock is on.