27 April 2007


I know I know, it's been a few days since the last post. Just kinda busy and no exciting recent journeys. So I'm sitting around today, watering the lawn, soaking in the rays..

...watching grass grow.....err...okay... ivy...

...when I thought I'd head to the 'casino' for a bit. I had not been in awhile and its a completly different sense of atmosphere. I went more for the drive then anything else. It was a beautiful day to be on the road.

I'm at the south end of town anyway so getting out of the city, even in rush hour is not bad at all. 15/20 minutes at most and I'm there.

There it is. The end of town.

Just think...884 miles over that ridge and bam, there's Old Tony's on the pier. And Pink's Hot Dogs on Melrose Ave. And Johnnies Pastrami on Sepulveda. Oh yeah... I'm going to the casino.... sigh...

I make it to the other side and lo' and behold...

[click on any picture to see full image]

Hey, I won $40 bucks... and wasted some time. Ka-ching ka-ching

After about a half hour I headed back. The next few pictures are from the west end of town looking east towards the Sandia Mountains.

Last chance for gas. Destination unknown.

Although un-readable now this marker basically says that Albuquerque was founded over three hundred years ago by the Conquistadore's and named in honor of the Duke of Alburquerque [thus the Duke City].

The restaurant at the end of the universe...ok ok...the end of town.

I wonder if I can get blackened swordfish here....

I'm out.

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