20 April 2007


I was looking forward to writing today's blog as I get to recommend to you one of the best cd's I've picked up this year, Lucinda Williams WEST.

I first heard about her with the release of CAR WHEELS ON A GRAVEL ROAD [another EXCELLENT CD]. Having written country songs for several other artists she has been on her own for awhile now. She's picked up a few Grammy's too. Even with all the acclaim, contemporary country radio stations do not play her music. If you have an Americana/country station in your town chances are you've heard her stuff.

This new cd is outstanding musically and lyrically. This stuff comes from honest life experiences. I like Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood but they basically 'pick' songs and live vicariously through the experiences of their writers. Not to mention how they try and MAKE it commercial. Lucinda writes about what she knows and you can feel that in the music. Here...take a listen:


Are you alright?
All of a sudden you went away
I hope you come back around some day
I haven't seen you in a real long time
Could you give me some kind of sign
I looked around and you were gone
I feel like there must be something wrong
'Cause it seems like you disappeared
'Cause I've been feeling a little scared

Are you alright?

Are you sleepig through the night
Do you have someone to hold you tight
Do you have someone to hang out with
Do you have someone to hug and kiss you
Hug and kiss you hug and kiss you

Are you alright?

Is there something bothering you
I wish you'd give me a little clue
Is there something you wanna say
Just tell me that you're ok
'Cause you took off without a word
You flew away like a little bird
Is there anything I can do
'Cause I need to hear from you

Are you alright?

I guess you could call that her tender side...but this lady can get mighty pissed off too, ha ha ha...check this one out:


Dude, I'm so over you
You dont' even have a clue
All you did was make me blue
You didn't even make me...come on!!

You're so self invovled
You're in some kind of fog
You're hung up on your hog
You didn't even make me...come on!!!

You think you're in hot demand
But you don't even know where to put your hand
Let me tell you where you stand
You didn't even make me...come on!!

Dude you're so fired
Shut up I'm not inspired
All I'm feeling now is tired
You didn't even make me...come on!!

Yout weren't even worth it
I'm sorry I ever flirted
The effort wasn't even concerted
You didnt' even make me...come on!!

All you do is talk the talk
You can't back it up with your walk
You can't light my fire so fuck off
You didn't even make me ...COME ON!!

Oh man...been there done that got the t-shirt!!! There are alot of great tracks on here, stuff like WHERE IS MY LOVE [ is my love in Gainsville -- grinning, radiant and warm -- drinking whiskey till he's had his fill -- inspired by a summer storm ] and RESCUE [he can't save you from the plain and simple truth -- the waning winters of your youth -- what can he do? tie some ribbons in your hair -- and show you that he'll always care -- that's all he can do ]

Seriously friends...this is a cd that should be in your collection.

Also recommended:

Highlights include DRUNKEN ANGEL and the title track.

VAN LEAR ROSE -- Loretta Lynn

Winner of best country album at the Grammy's that year, 2004, but NOT played on commercial country radio. It was produced by Jack White -- yes THAT Jack White. He gave a slap to country radio that year about them not playing the best country album of the year. Amen Jack. Highlights include MISS BEING MRS about the loss of her husband. PORTLAND, OREGON a duet with Jack White and the title track, VAN LEAR ROSE.

I'm out

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