27 March 2007


I am a big time music fan. One of the things I dreaded most when I moved here was the music scene, both live and radio. My worst fears came true. Albuquerque radio S U C K S!!!! Stations here are STILL playing music from 20, 30 and 4o years ago!!!! One classic rock station is fine...but THREE???? Damn man...how many times can you listen to TOM SAWYER by Rush??!! It's nearly 30 years old!! And you would think that Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd had only put out three albums being that the SAME DAMN THREE SONGS are played here over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and o v e r by those bands. There is also our version of KROQ out of Los Angeles which I stopped listening to when they stopped playing new British bands and turned to grunge and TOOL and SUBLIME and 311 and SOUNDGARDEN etc etc. All started to sound the same to me. Even the 'news radio' here is sadly lacking [I was spoiled by KNX and KFWB - I gave them 22 minutes of my life and they gave me the world!!!] The news station here is a "conservative talk/news' station and I can only put up with so much of Rush, Hannity and Savage. You would never know that current college favorites The Shins were from here.

So what DO I listen too?? 610 The Sports Animal. My bedroom radio does not move from that dial. Sometimes I will listen to Mega the reggatone station. I don't understand a word they are saying but that is some good shite as is the 'banda' played on Radio Lobo. Great horn sections those 'banda' bands.

I was spoiled on LA Radio...specifically Indie 103.1 [I miss you Jonesy!!!] I can't even seem to find current copies of NME out here so I'm missing all the good new bands

I did however pick up a few cd's I can reccommend some tracks on.

SOUND OF SILVER by LCD SoundSystem is James Murphy's side project. The indie-dance guru out of Nueva York has made a great second album. The track SOMEONE GREAT is a hypnotic and rythmic groove that I've played over and over. I can also recommend you download ALL MY FRIENDS and NEW YORK I LOVE YOU BUT YOU'RE BRINGING ME DOWN. NORTH AMERICAN SCUM is pretty funny too.

I can recommend a track from LCD'S first cd effort called LOSING MY EDGE. If you are a new music history buff you will enjoy all the bands Murphy tries to squeeze in, in this oral history of what was 'new and hip' and how he's 'lost his edge' to the kids from europe.

I also picked up the new cd from Air called POCKET SYMPHONY. To some it might sound like elevator music [LEMON JELLY IS NOT ELEVATOR MUSIC!!!] . Ambient grooves ,some tunes even have vocals. [So what's wrong with elevator music?? GIRL FROM IMPENIMA is a GREAT song.... Travis!! LOL]. It's like saying something is wrong is Chili's. [The citris shrimp is awesome!!! take that Anthony Bourdain!! -- Mutt, stop snickering!!!! LOL]

Two tracks from this cd you should download are: SPACE MAKER an instrumental mellow groove and and SOMEWHERE BETWEEN WAKING AND SLEEPING.

And from the FYI Files:

I'm sure by now everyone has seen the GEICO caveman commercials. I love'em myself.

In the one where he is walking in an airport, the Royksopp song REMIND ME is on the loudspeakers. It's a pretty groovey tune from the cd MELODY A.M. It came out about two or three years ago and the song I picked it up for initially back then was POOR LENO which is also very cool.

Groove on that for awhile until next time. I'm out.



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www.wcyy.com and hit streaming on the top left. You might be suprised.

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oooooooooopppps my bad..top right