26 March 2007


As we cruised back into Albuquerque we hit the famed Route 66, the mother road. Like so many other towns along Route 66, Albuquerque has some unique hotels along its main drag. One of note is the Aztec Motel.

The Aztec is the oldest surviving Route 66 motel in New Mexico. Beginning as the Aztec Autocourt in 1931, it changed hands a number of times over the years. It had become a haven for prostitutes and drug dealers when the Mohamed Natha family bought it in 1991 and worked to restore the Aztec's family atmosphere, along with the physical plant. The Aztec's unique decor is courtesy of Phyllis Evans, a retired professor who lives there part-time. All along the exterior of the hotel are...uh.. things that have been collected through out the years and attached to the walls. My pictures do not do it justice. I wish I could post full size pictures so you could see the detail but sadly, my computer freezes up everytime I try to.

We did not go inside, I can only imagine what you might find at oldest Route 66 motel in the city.

[click on any picture to enlarge.]

Oh...and not to be outdone, the Town House Lodge down the street has its attraction too...a bovine on the roof. Nothing flashy about it. Old Bessie just keeps watch on the traffic as it goes by.

I still want to take a drive from the west end of town to the east end of town along Route 66 with camera in hand. There is so much more to see.
Until next time. I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Dam nice tourist attractions there pup..especially the one next to the old gas pump.

MICK said...

HEEEEEEYYYY! Dale... where you been man... and whats up with the quiet blog buddy?? How is your mom and Tony doing?? Most of all how are you doing? Still working 200 hours a week?? Temps warm up any?? We are in the 70s here however it is supposed to dip to the fifties, the last roar of winter I guess, by Wednesday. Hope you are doing ok bubb.