20 January 2007

puddin' head

Yeah...its cooooold outside and snowy and the streets are slick but when my stomache starts craving rice puddin' there is only one place to go: CHILI EXPRESS.

My favorite dish at Chili Express on Gibson near KAFB is the No. 27: stuffed sopapilla.
A sopapilla is sort of like a pita bread but when fried it inflates. When nicely browned you slit it open and put in your favorite fixins, usually beans meat or rice. I get the beef stuffed sopa with green chili. Other fixins like lettuce tomatoe olives are thrown in. Oh man....its my favorite meal here so far. For desert you HAVE to try the rice pudding. Creamy rice with raisins and cinammon and shaved almonds and whip cream. Oh man I just gained 10 pounds writing this. Worth it though. ha ha I have rice puddin' and you don't.

I'm out.

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