21 January 2007

Day at the Museum Part Deux

Most of the major museums in Albuquerque are across the street from Tiguex Tricentennial Park [yeah..Albuquerque turned 300 this year...but we don't look a day over 259] The National Atomic Museum, Museum of Natural History and Science, Albuquerque Museum of Art and explora!. I took a walk around the area and captured these images. Many bronze sculptures were to be found.


Sir James E. Watkins said...


I am James.

It is the artist whom I seek.

These are some nice shots here.
I especially like the last one, the person being in between their lips.

MICK said...

Sir James E. Watkins, I will stop by the exhibit again and get the name of the artist[s] and post them as soon as possible. Thank you for taking time to view my blog.