21 January 2007

In To Win

It's official. Billy boy [the "gov"] has announced his plans to run for president.
He's a long shot. I think he would be more successful on a Clinton/Richardson ticket but things always start out this way I guess. On This Week with George Stephanopoulos he said he was not interested in a Vice Presidential slot....yeah right.

I feel more comfortable with Billy as Vice President then I would an in-experienced Obama though. It will be an interesting political season. Of note, on Jay Leno's JAYWALKING segment a guy was shown a picture of Bill Richardson and asked if he knew who it was and the guy responded that he looked like one of the guys from The Soprano's. haha....Bill Richardson may be head of the Governor's Association but he has a long way to go to being a household name. I'm on board though. GO BILLY!

Hey Paddy--what's your thought on Billy??

I'm out.


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