16 October 2010


It was announced on Saturday that Armenia now has the worlds longest aerial tramway at 3.5 miles beating out Sandia Peak Tramway [2.7 miles] in the mountains above Albuquerque....sigh.

When it comes to aerial tramways...size does matter.

Also, I am sorry that I will have to delay the balloon fiesta vids I promised last post as I am out of state this weekend.

Last spring I traveled back in time 800 years to a remote area near the Arizona, New Mexico border. I mentioned I would be back in the fall...and here I am.

Adventure awaits....but first...

Below is a post on the Sandia Peak Tramway written a few years back:


That being said, I was scheduled for Flight 21 at Sandia Tram: 10,000 feet straight up. Talk about amazing...check these pics out man!!

The objective: to ascend the Sandia Mountains to a point of 10,378 feet.

[Don't forget you can click on any picture to enlarge it!!']

Wheels in motion.

Flight 21 now arriving.

Please get out your boarding passes.

Flight 21 now boarding.

Welcome to Sandia Peak.

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