17 April 2010

Tales From The Road

Hey gang. I'm on the road again.

Today I hiked over 900 years into the past!! I saw a castle built in the 12th century, the High Middle Ages... but it wasn't in Europe!! It was here in the southwest!! Go figure!

I've been trying to upload pics from the hotel I'm in; however, they don't seem to want to upload...so... I will try to post something tomorrow night at my hotel at the next destination.

All in all not a bad way to start my 47th trip around the sun!

I might also mention that April 17th to 25th there is no entrance fee at over 100 national parks!! To see if one near you is fee free, check this link:


So pack up the jalopy and hit the road. There is an adventure out there waiting for you!!

I'm out.

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