30 November 2009

Field Report: Witchita Mountains

Greetings everyone. I truly hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was fine. Spent it with my dad. My older brother and sister were here to help out.

Anyhow, while I am gearing up for the premiere of Land of the Zia: Season Five [tentatively scheduled for February 19th-ish...featuring a special appearance by....ah ah ah you'll have to wait and see...], field reporter T-Rob - who was gracious enough to ride shotgun with me on a few adventures - has filed this report from the Witchita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Oklahoma near Lawton.

The refuge was established in 1901, comprises over 59,000 acres and provides habitat to such animals as American Bison, Rockey Mountain Elk, white tailed deer and Texas Long-horn cattle. The black capped verio, an endangered species, resides here as well [I threw that in for K-Mo, woo hoo!!] .

This looks like a beautiful area and it is probably quite something in the spring.

Thanks again to T-Rob for a cool report.

Here's wishing ya'll a great holiday season!!!

I'm out.


Travis said...

It was a nice trip to the Wichitas Mtns...err Hills (heh) just a few hours from my homebase. I have often checked it out on the web but for some reason or other I had never taken a drive to see the area. Whoa!...Glad I did finally!!! I will take you there sometime!

BTW...While looking over these pics I just thought of a subtitle for Walkabout 2010....hows this sound? WALKABOUT 2010: QUEST FOR BUFFALO catchy huh?

Vic Mansfield said...

Some beautiful hills (or mountains). I'll have to send you pictures from our mountains, out East.

MICK said...

Very catchy... sounds like a trip up Interstate 25 is in the works.

Time to start planning.

Oh, and Joe PLEASE DO! I'd be glad to hire you as field reporter too!!

Not to mention the fact I'm gonna be stuck inside for the next 60 days or so it seems. Damn you winter!!!!

K-Mo said...

K-Mo definitely needs Black-capped Vireo for his life list - I'd thought I'd have to get it in central Texas but apparently there are other spots available!

I'll try to file a field report for you on the excursion to south Texas in November. I don't have many pictures (I'm really bad at remembering to take any) but I'll send you what I can. I need to know how you want things filed :)