09 August 2009

The Last Escape of Billy the Kid ...NOT!!

On the first weekend of every August since 1940, the town of Lincoln, NM has held the Last Escape of Billy the Kid Pageant. This is your basic small town parade and festival. Lots of food vendors, souvenir booths, a parade and at the end of the day, a re-enactment of the escape of Billy the Kid from the Lincoln County Courthouse.

[Please note that I am not too bright. On the main camera I was using I had the lens set to micro which resulted in blurry images -- DOH!!! I AM A FOOL!!!]

The historic town of Lincoln is now one main street, with most people living in Capitan or Carrizozo and in houses and ranches in surrounding areas. Today it was packed.

This truly is your basic small town parade. No humongous floats, just decorated pick up trucks and classic cars and people from horses and tractors waving at you even though you have no idea who they are.

Everyone was very friendly.

I dig such things and enjoyed it very much.

If you are going to have horses in a parade then naturally you will need someone to clean up after them. These two also got the most applause, LOL.

One funny note, a car decorated with a sign reading DEMOCRATIC PARTY was in the parade and got one solitary clap.

For a detail of the actual events of Billy the Kid and a tour of the town of Lincoln, NM you can check out my previous posts here:


Here are a few random images from around town.

Of course one of my favorite parts of small town festivals is the food!!!!

The slow roasted brisket was DELICIOUS!!!!

As were the native american tacos.... mmmmm.

After watching the parade and visiting the museums and stuffing our faces we headed to the pageant grounds to see the re-enactment of the Last Escape of Billy the Kid

...but it was not to be -- not even 10 minutes after I took this footage and just minutes before the program was to begin.... it started to rain.

All day it had been nice, warm and cloudy but with in minutes dark clouds moved in and it poured.

Everyone scattered. We ran to the car and waited a few minutes but you could tell the rain was not ready to give up.

We decided to leave. What a pisser.

Oh well, the day had been fun up until that point. I will be back next year.

Until then, stay on your guard.... Billy the Kid remains on the loose and he is armed with some meeeeean brisket!!!

I'm out.

And here it is.... your moment of zen:


Anonymous said...

Well, glad you had a good time, even with the crappy weather at the end.
Have you ever been to the "burning man" festival in Santa Fe?
I think it starts the last night if my trip and I am curious about it..curious enough to maybe stay another couple of days. I have started doing a web search but most of the stuff is about one in Nevada.


MICK said...

The burning of Zozobra takes place on 10 September at Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe. The event is part of the Santa Fe Fiestas and is now 85 years old, older then Burning Man.

Check out zozobra.com. I have never been to it but it IS on my list.

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Burning Man? [perk]

K-Mo said...

well, if he has brisket... I'd let Billy crash the night here :) I haven't had good brisket in years.