02 March 2009


750 feet below the surface of the earth!

This is the snack bar area. I remember when I was a youth coming the the caverns and it use to be a cafeteria. Now there is a restaurant up on the surface. The food is good and reasonable.

What surprised me about the caverns is that it only cost $6 to get in!!! I would easily have paid $20 and not thought twice about it.

Trying to take videos doown there is frustrating as the light levels are VERY low. The first two are very dark in the beginning but they show you how far from the opening you go.... and that is just for starters!!

The last one is of the opening. Very impressive... kinda creepy as you walk into this gaping hole in the Earth.

And since we could not be there for the bat flight [they only nest there during summer] I have posted this cool video of it I found online.

I'm out.

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