21 November 2008


His name is Brett Dennen and if he ever plays Augusta, Baton Rouge, Honolulu, Denver, Austin or Los Angeles or where ever your reading this from you should take the time from your busy schedule to see him. I am, on March 30 in Santa Fe. Thanks to T-Rob for turning me on to him. I understand the song has been used on SCRUBS and HOUSE. I don't watch much tv so I guess I'm a bit behind. None the less this guy is great.

It's from his cd SO MUCH MORE. Check him out at BRETTDENNEN.NET.

...and from his new CD HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS is this great tune.

I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Well good!....I'm glad you liked the CD. When you told me you were gonna buy it, my first thought was "he's not gonna like it..maybe its too "folkish, laidback, mellow." I'm just a tad jealous that you get to see his show up Sante Fe in March!