12 July 2008


Across the street from work is the Golden Star Chinese Restaurant. It's like most strip mall Chinese food places. Good food, reasonable prices.

One cool thing about this one is Qui Seng Chen. She is always behind the register and her four year old son is right next to her. Qui always has a smile for you and is definately one of the friendliest people you'd ever meet. Even if you see her shopping at one of the other business in the strip mall she has a smile for you, says hello and if I see her she would say 'we have fresh pork today'. I like the sweet n sour pork ya know. Oh, and of course her son is at her side. Un-seperable.

Her son was by her side Wednesday when Donte Power [profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=122947920 ]walked into the restaurant and attempted to rob the Golden Star, shooting Qui in the chest and running off with the tip jar, which had all of two dollars in coin in it. Qui died on the scene.

She was 27.


Patt Gavin said...

Mick, that's horrible. Poor Qui and her son. I'll certainly remember both of them in my prayers.


MICK said...

It is very tragic, Patt. Albuquerque has a higher crime rate per capita then Los Angeles!!! And we have a larger police force too!! Fortunately a security guard at a large mall near by saw Porter changing clothes in his car and saw him stash the gun in some bushes and called police. Police believe they have an air tight case against that piece of shi*t. Qui was a very cool person.

And how are you?