30 September 2007

Journey's End

And so ends summer. Sometimes the best trips are in our own backyard. Friends, family, history...and good home cooking!! What more can you ask for.

These are my final pics from Arizona. Again I stopped at the La Posada Hotel, a restored Harvey House...just love that place. I will stay in it one day.

I'm out.

In memory of my mom, Alice Mary.

April 21, 1931 to November 15, 1990.


Anonymous said...

Mick, I check your blog a couple times a week, they are always entertaining and pictures are awesome. Keep em coming. also, I'm curious as to what your listening to these days.

MICK said...

Let's see...
FRAGILE ARMY by Polyphonic Spree
WEST by Lucinda Williams
BORN IN THE UK by Badly Drawn Boy
EASY TIGER by Ryan Adams

I'm also pulling out some older stuff by DAFT PUNK and ROYSOPP [the cave man in the airport commercial].

Good stuff!!

MICK said...

Oops... thats MELODY AM by Royksopp.

Anonymous said...

Some good stuff there...here is a sampling of some recent stuff I've picked up:

ALONG THE QUAI by THe Berg Sans Nipple
CEASE TO BEGIN by Band of Horses

oh, and there is tribute compilation out for The Band called ENDLESS HIGHWAY on its there is a cover of IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE by My Morning Jacket..check it out!

MICK said...

Hey Travis!!
How are ya man!!! Say..Davandra Barnhart [correct spelling??] Is the new cd any good and should I make an effort to see him??? Lemme know. Oh and for fun I picked up Depeche Modes Violater today...man that is STILL a grreat cd.

Anonymous said...

Now how'd you guess it was me [heh!] Its just not fair!...you get upcoming shows by Devendra and.. The Shins. I'd definatly be at both shows. Ive not been to many shows this year, though the ones I did get to attend were awesome...Lucinda, Damien Rice, KoL, Yo La Tengo. Ryan Adams is gonna be in hereTulsa toward the end of the month...I waited too long and it sold out! eh, I have to work graves that night anyway.
So, how you been man?...looks like your adjusting to life in Albuquerque pretty well...do you miss Sin City?

MICK said...

Hahaha.. The Shins sold out instantly so no chance of seeing htem and KoL played here last year but sold out so I did not get to see them and this year it looks like they skipped us. Lucinda played up in Santa Fe but I found out too late...there is a rivalry between Santa Fe and Albuquerque liek that of San Francisco and Los Angeles so half the time I have no idea what is going on up there.

As for missing the lest coast, HELL YEAH I miss it STILL. Talk to my former roommate amd friends there all the time. New Mexico is ok... interesting state. I will still need a guide though when I visit Ok...you still owe me a beer remember.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick, check this out..heard about it thru the word of mouth then checked it out at pitchformedia.com and got all the details.....may be worth me driving down to OKC just to see it...a 1000 skeletons led by the Lips parading thru the streets of Oklahoma City...

Ghouls! Goblins! A bushy-haired weirdo singing through a nun puppet! Something tells me the Flaming Lips do Halloween about as right as any non-cannibalistic, non-Scandinavian black metal band out there. But not without a little help from the costumed and confetti-soaked masses. This is where you come in.

If you're mobile, bored, of age, and free the weekend of October 26-27, you're in luck: the Flaming Lips have been asked by hometown rag the Oklahoma Gazette to participate in their annual Halloween parade. So the band is gathering up 1,000 of the most fearless freaks they can find for the March of a Thousand Flaming Skeletons, a "spectacle celebrating the mysterious, the supernatural and the otherworldly."

Oh, there's more, too: "The March of a Thousand Flaming Skeletons is a symbolic procession glorifying the beauty of death and the boundless flame of love and life." To say nothing of Sweet Tarts!

Obviously, you've gotta be in Oklahoma City October 27 to march, and the day before to pick up your costume. There's a $25 fee to participate, but in exchange for paying up front, you'll get to take your costume (and, uh, torch?) home, and snag a t-shirt unique to the event as well.

Also, tough break, kiddies, but you've gotta be 18 to ride this ride. Interested parties are advised to e-mail deathmarchreservation@hellfireltd.com ASAP to secure a spot in the parade.

MICK said...

Yo, T-Rob

Need your email man.
I would LOVE to go to that unfortunately this is a busy time for me and not sure I can get off, trying to see what my schedule holds and will let you know ASAP.

Anonymous said...

hey Mick...my email is trob312@yahoo.com