22 February 2007

What you didn't see...

Slow news week. Cooler weather, my work schedule, pops in hospital so I'm gonna resort to posting 'out-takes' or pictures that didn't make the blog originally. Hopefully the groundhog got it right and spring is on the way.

Last September before I started this blog my friend Jon came out for the Zia Rodeo. It was smaller then the regular PBR or PRCA rodeo which made it very enjoyable. The Ty Murray Invitational is coming up soon so I need to get tix for that.

It was VERY humid that summer and the 'desert' was amazingly green. This lead into the biggest snow storm on record in December. Not sure what the year ahead holds..guess I should get a copy of the Farmer's Almanac.

The church spires of Old Town.

Later that day we had visited Tinkertown [see previous post]. The day was cloudy and it was sprinkling. Alot of Tinkertown is open to the elements. There was this prevading dampness throughout the compound, poor light for photographs, but you could smell the wood and just 'feel' the age of the place. It was a very neat day.

I don't have a flash on my camera, it was the first model of this brand and like a dope I just assumed there was one. Inside this 'land-dock' is a sail boat used to sail around the world by this fella whose name escapes me now. His boat no rests around seven thousand feet above sea-level here at Tinkertown. This hand carved face rests at teh front of the boat.

When I went to Tent Rocks recently, I did take some color pictures but did not post them. I was in an Ansel Adams kinda mood so I only posted the black and white. The day I went was overcast and I had also gone late in the day so I was not able to go all the way back into the canyon or to the plateau. I've got plans in the works to return to Land of the Giants.

Larger version of a picture I posted of a duck in flight at the zoo.

A very cold winter's night...it was about 15 degrees when I took this. Another storm is due tomorrow brining cold temps...rain ...snow...etc etc etc. Yak at ya later.


Unknown said...

why does everyone take pics of me yawning?! :) tinkertown ROCKS!!!! thanks again for takin me there... wuff!

MICK said...

I dont see anything wrong with it. Nope.. looks good to me. Even looks like ya flossed..he he he