18 January 2007

One two punch...

When forcasted our last snowstorm was not supposed to rival the one we had the week before which dumped abut 8 inches in Albuquerque. It turned out to be the storm of the century dropping 2 feet of snow in some areas more in the east mountains breaking all previous snowfall records.

Now comes our first storm of 2007 and by all accounts its supposed to be a big one and hit the entire state. For you east-coasters [Dale, Craig, Esq.] this isn't much to you but here in the 'desert southwest' its by all means, 'something', hahaha. I guess I better get the camera ready and pull out some thicked lugged boots. No trip to Arizona for me this weekend. It's beginning to look alot like Christmas. What do you know...my Christmas spirit just arrived.


Anonymous said...

Okay this is getting a bit ridiculous here. So far in Maine we have had a total of 7 inches of snow..thats about average for say..NOVEMBER!!!!!
Well Mick, you can at least work on your snowman building skills...lol.
Happy Trails Buddy

MICK said...

Actually Dale, with the last snow storm there were some pretty amazing snow sculptures people had in their yard. One guy had the Easter Island heads another a pretty damn cool castle.

If it snows deep hear I was thinking this time of building a replica of the Roman Forum...hmm..that would require alot of snow though.