10 November 2006

Death of a Music Store

It is with a saddened heart I post this blog. I was thumbing through ROLLING STONE this month when I came across an article that kicked me in the stomach: TOWER RECORDS ON SUNSET TO CLOSE BY THE END OF THE YEAR. My heart sunk. Tower Records is a landmark music store on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA. For me it was THE music store. They had practically EVERYTHING!!! I had been going to that store ever since I moved to LA back in the 20th century, circa 1986. The Pixies, The Smiths, The Cure, The Stone Roses....I discovered SOOOOOOO many new bands there. Whenever I would go see a show on the strip I ALWAYS had to stop by Tower. Why is it closing?? MP3 players, the net, downloading.... progress. Like so many landmarks it too must pass. Farewell Tower....for I knew thee well. Now if you will excuse me while I go to a corner and eat a pint of Chunky Monkey and lament this passing.

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