30 October 2006

Long Shadows

When I was living in Los Angeles autumn pretty much passed without any notice. The weather there is so moderate year round that seasons blur in to one another. In fact its more like earthquake season...fire season...riot season. Also, this time of year the Santa Ana winds blow in from the desert and whip up so much crap in the air that colors and shadows are diffused. Being back here in New Mexico USA though the seasons are much more evident. The fall colors are pretty amazing. The long shadows are so much more evident and defined,not to mention the smell of 'green chili' roasting. Very cool. Its the snow drifts of winter I'm not looking forward to. I'm not a winter driver.


Anonymous said...

you should try going down southern new mexico, particularly alamogordo. the colors are more vibrant and they long to be seen...by you. ahem.

MICK said...

Alamogordo is definately on my list. I want to stop by the new Spaceport America, White Sands, Trinity Site among others. Time however is not available. Thanks though for the reco.