26 August 2008


I had never really thought about going to Denver actually. I have friends who have gone up there for rodeos and for Bronco games but they have never come back with raving reviews or negative comments about Denver.

It was my buddy T-Rob that suggested we meet there for the My Morning Jacket concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Cooool I thought. Now that sounded interesting. I began to recall the musical history of the place, like John Tesh at Red Rocks. Oh yeah...and that other band U2. So I signed up.

The Denver airport is HUGGGGGEEEE!! It's like a shopping mall..but with planes!! I do believe it is bigger then LAX...sure felt like it.

T-Rob and I met up, picked up our Jeep Commander and headed for the hotel. We arrived in the afternoon and after a brief rest headed out to Red Rocks [the concert was not until the next evening but we wanted to scope out the place] and ended up dong some hiking in the area. This place is awesome!! It was overcast and cool. See for yourself.

I'm out.


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Travis said...

Mick...I've been to Denver many times, this trip surpassed them all...thanks for coming along buddy!