10 August 2008


Here's some video footage of the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forrest. My apologies for the poor quality; however, it does give you a good idea of their beauty.

If entering the park from the east side one of the first things you come to is the restored Painted Desert Inn. Back in the 40s or so this was a working rest stop for travelers along Route 66 where you could get a hot meal or even a drink. Although there were small rooms in the building I think they were for employees. Because the building itself is a national monument it is simply a hallow shell, a museum and bookstore. There are some tables to picnic but no kitchen facilities. It's still beautiful though. I love this southwest architecture. Further along your drive you come to the actual visitors center/gift shop, restrooms and I believe there were vending machines. I do recommend you have water with you. It was only $10 a car load to enter the park. WELL WORTH IT!!!

As I returned to Albuquerque a big storm had developed. This angle is from the western edge of town. What you have to watchout for in the southwest are sudden cloudburts that can drop several inches of water in a very short time causing flash flooding. I love the late summer thunderstorms.


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