25 August 2008


I can't pack. I admit it. I never have been able to achieve that artform of fitting everything you 'really' need into one bag. And why is it that I always return with more clothing after a trip???

...anyway... the view from the sky is amazing. You never know what you will see.

A myth was shattered for me though: all this time I thought Denver was up in the Rockies surrounded by huge mountains covered with snow. NOT. It is flatter then my old flattop.

Sure there are rolling hills on the west side of Denver but east...it is flat flat flat!!! Who knew??

Denver is; however, the gateway to some out of this world scenery as you will see next post.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Over the years I have lived in most of the major cities in the US and a few of the small ones. The only one I would go back to is Denver. I lived on the corner of Corona and something, maybe 9th with a forth floor balcony facing the Rockies. I worked at a bar called Broadway and full time cook at the Levi Broker....not what you think, it was an upscale steak house. After that place I moved to Washington street..less view but closer to work and easy access to Cheesman Park and I had a real deeded parking place...a rarity at that time. It was a great time of my life, the early 80's and life was good. I would go to the Cheyene Frontier Rodeo...ask me about Kritter some time in a private email..and then in August go to Chicago for the Blues festival. I still have some collar points I had there and a really old, worn faded Levi jacket. Of all the places you could have gone and had a great time I am glad it was Denver.

MICK said...

Same here, Dale. Initially it was cool just going up for the concert, it was my buddy Travis [also a Denverfile] that suggested it become more. The more we looked the more we discovered the coolest things. I'd be curious to know how many of these things you saw. Good to hear from you man.