28 August 2008


The next morning we got up and had breakfast at....Village Inn?? I guess they are changing the look of VI. This one was retro 60s/Austin Powers. None the less breakfast was good.

After breakfast we headed for Look Out Mountain, the resting place of Wild West showman, Buffalo Bill Cody. Buffalo Bill died of kidney failure in 1917 while staying with his sister. It was kind of cool as it was only the week before that I visited Billy the Kids grave.

The area around the gravesite contains a cool museum. I also recommend taking the drive down lookout mountain and doing some hiking. It's a great area.

Later that day we headed back to Red Rocks to see a concert by My Morning Jacket. The venue is AWESOME. It was a great night, cool breeze, the stars were out and even the quarter moon made an appearance over the horizon. Like most places the beer was outrageous but it was still a great night.

Next post I will have some video from Buffalo Bill's gravesite as well as concert footage, but first, I have to pack again...going away for the weekend. Later!!
I'm out.

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