16 August 2008


The drive out to eastern New Mexico, as mentioned, is pretty much farmland and cattle land.There just isn't much to see. The vistas sure are awesome though.

For years as a kid I remember the weatherman always giving temperatures for Clines Corners, so as we were driving along Interstate 25 Chad says to stop at Clines Corners...I'm looking around and I don't see the town..."where" I say, and he says "right here" and I'm looking around and I don't see anything!!! "Where????" "Here!!!" he says.

Turns out...Clines Corners never was a town. It's a truck stop!!! Who knew!!

It's not just any truck stop though, it's a huge gift shop!!!. Lot and lots of souvenirs from New Mexico. They also have this fudge counter...oh man... I love fudge!!!!

Did you see that??? ORANGE VANILLA SWIRL!!!!!!

I also saw these bull horns!! I have always wanted bull horns!!! They started at $85 which isn't bad. I might have to go back.

There was even a buffalo for sale!!

The drive back was pretty interesting too. Gotta love these skies in New Mexico.

I'm out.


As I approach the end of season two of Land of the Zia I'm working on a season finale for September. I don't want to disclose it just yet because I'm not sure it will happen, but if it does it would be a trip I think Indiana Jones would be proud of so stay tuned.

As for this week, My buddy T-Rob and I are headed to Denver for a week. It just happens to be the same week as the Democratic National Convention. Although it would be fun to 'crash the party' we are going for a concert and some adventure. As of this morning some friends already there informed me it was 50 degrees, foggy and raining. Sure hope that improves.


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