16 May 2008

What Gas Crisis!!??

Took my dads car out today to get it washed and detailed [the good son, what can I say] and I noticed that the high gas prices [$3.46 here] were NOT necessarily a deterrent to people being on the road.

There are still plenty of Hummers and big SUVs on the road.

Traffic is still as congested as it was when I moved here

There is no shortage of cars in line at the car wash.

The detailing station was busy.

The banana spli....oops...how'd that get in here.

...don't judge.

What I'm trying to say is that folks around here might be complaining about the high price of gas but they don't seem to be showing it. Restaraunts are busy [I take my pop to IHOP about once a week and its always busy]. Traffic jams are still a part of life.

The cool thing is that bus ridership has been going up every month for over a year. I can't wait for the commuter train to Santa Fe to open which should happen this fall.

Today was Ride Your Bike To Work Day in Albuquerque. There were plenty of bikes out but it ticks me off that too many of these people DO NOT observe basic traffic rules!!

Three times today I had bike riders cross in front of me in the middle of the street!!

I drive a four cylinder pick up so I can't say I've really felt the pinch. I don't drive a whole lot as it is and I don't jump in the truck to go to the Circle K two blocks away...I walk.

I don't know what price would make me seriously consider cutting back on my driving.

Besides... I have to have a banana split once in awhile.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

What you said is true of most people..however I have noticed a few changes here in the north east. I went past one dealership and all he had left on the lot was big pickups and suvs, and alot more side of the road private sales of the same. I have started planning my trips out of the house, as to make the most efficient route of the trip. I got my first pre-order offer of fuel oil of the season. When I bought the house almost 2 years ago, heating oil was 2.59 a gallon. Last year with a 30 cent discount through work it was around 3.39 or so, my first offer to prepay was 4.38, a lock in price for the season.
Well I guess I will belosing weight this year...food or oil...hmmmmm.

Gilster said...

Okay now I am hungry for a Bannana Split. Curse you

MICK said...

..me too...lets go. We'll have to take or own marciano cherries as DQ no longer puts them on banana splits, at least the ones here in Abq. DAMN THEM...!!! DAMN THEM ALL TO HELLLLL!!!!