31 May 2008


I had a great Memorial Day week, I sure hope you guys did too. I decided to take my dad and sister with me on this trip to Arizona. My dad got to see his dad and brothers and my sister visited with my aunt. We decided to take a trip to Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon and the Sedona area and have a picnic and view the sights.

First off as you drive west on I-40 just as you get into Arizona you will come across Chees' Trading Post. Good place to stop for a vanilla shake...mmmmm oh and use the commode of course. The trip to Winslow from Albuquerque is only about four hours.

I've taken many pics of Winslow so this time around I'll just show you one of my favorite places to eat: The Brown Mug, across from the La Posada Hotel. Man this place has the best green chili chicken enchiladas.

The obligatory chips and salsa are very good too but beware the salsa has a sting to it.

After Winslow we headed west to Flagstaff, Az [about an hour west of Winslow].

Flagstaff is a great college town [NAU] and the coolest thing about it is the well preserved downtown. Before it was a college town Flag was a railroad town. Alot of buildings from that era [1800s] have been restored and are in use today. Sadly due to lack of money or civic pride Albuquerque HAS NOT preserved very many historical buildings. Shame on you New Mexico!!!

South of Flag on 89A is the road to Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. It winds and curves so beware. It sure was a beautiful drive though. As you wind down the canyon you come to Slide Rock, a MUST SEE.

This is a GREAT place to have a picnic and cool down with a swim.

There is a natural formation here at Slide Rock where you can literally slide down the rock into pools of refreshing water!! It kinda resembles a theme park water ride but its the real thing.

Continue down 89A and it will flatten out and take you to Sedona, Az.
Sedona is basically one long street and reminded me of Palm Springs or Santa Fe with all the trendy shops and eateries. Not really worth taking pictures of. The surrounding area; however, like Palm Springs and Santa Fe is absolutey gorgeous. You can easily pull to the side of a road and take a hiking trail. I had my dad and aunt and sister with me or I would have done just that. Next time :o]

Once we made it back to my aunts in Winslow we cooled down with some delicious watermelon and a game or two of Yahtzi. Perfect end to the day wouldn't ya say?

I'll have some video footage tomorrow.

I'm out.

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