11 May 2008


Today is a day for 'chill-axin'. Had some bbq earlier and now just takin' it easy. Nice breeze blowin', a good book [MANHUNT by James Swanson] some homemade sweet tea and of course some Drive-by Truckers in the background.

I got a brand new car that drinks a bunch of gas
-- I've got a house in a neighborhod thats fading fast
I've got a dog and a cat that dont fight too much
-- got a few hundred channels to keep me in touch
I've got a beautiful wife and three tow-headed kids
-- I've got a couple of big secrets I'd kill to keep hid
I don't know God but I fear his wrath
--I'm trying to keep focused on the righteous path

I've got a couple of opinions that I hold dear
-- a whole lot of debt and a whole lot of fear
I've got an itch that needs scratchin' but it feels alright
-- I've got the need to blow it out on a Saturday night
I've got a grill in the backyard and a case of beers
-- I've got a boat that ain't seen the water in years
More bills then money I can do the math
-- I'm trying to keep focused on the righteous path

I'm trying to keep focused as I drive down the road
On the ditches and the curves and the heavy load
Ain't bitching about things that aren't in my grasp
Just trying to hold steady on the righteous path

There's this friend of mine I've known all my life
-- who can't get it right no matter how hard he tries
He's got kids he don't see and several ex-wives
--and a list of bad decisions about eight miles wide
Trouble with the law and the IRS
-- where he'll get the the money is anyones guess
He's got questions I can't answer and he asks my advice
-- a rap sheet with the cops and alot of thin ice
He's a long way off but if you was to ask
-- he'd say he was tring to stay focused on the righteous path

Trying to keep focused as we drive down the road
Like we did back in high school before the world turned cold
Now the breaks are thin and the curves are fast
We're trying to hold steady on the righteous path

We're hanging out and we're hanging on
-- we're trying the best we can to keep on keeping on
We got messed up minds for these messed up times
-- and it's a thin thin line separating his from mine

Trying to hold steady on the righteous path
-- 80 miles an hour with a worn out map
No time for self pity or self-righteous crap
-- trying to stay focused on the righteous path

--Patterson Hood

Why genius like this is not heard on country radio today boils my blood. Ol' Hank is turning in his grave.

I'm out.


Dale said...

The more I read your emails and blogs, I think dam..your a pretty amazing man.

Take Care of Yourself

MICK said...

Thankya buddy!!