08 May 2008


Once I reached Socorro, New Mexico, I headed west on US 60 to the Very Large Array aka VLA.

The Very Large Array (VLA) is a radio astronomy observatory located on the Plains of San Augustin between the towns of Magdalena and Datil -- 50 miles west of Socorro,.

The observatory consists of 27 independent radio antennae The antennas are arrayed along the three arms of a Y-shape.

The VLA is a multi-purpose instrument designed to allow investigations of many astronomical topics including radio galaxies, quasars, pulsars and supernovas among others. In 1989 the VLA was used to receive radio communications from Voyager 2 spacecraft as it flew by Neptune.

Congress approved funding in 1972 and the complex was completed in 1980. Funding is currently being sought for eight additional antennae to be placed throughout New Mexico.

The VLA has been seen in various movies like CONTACT, 2010 [Space Odyssey sequel] The Arrival and Independence Day.

Personally...I just think its soooo cooooool.

I'm out.

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