30 May 2010

WALKABOUT 3 - DAY 4 - MILE 999: Bad God's Tower

Out of the plains of Wyoming rises a rock visible for a hundred miles around, an immense cone of basalt which at times seems to touch the clouds. It sticks out of the flat prairie alone, as if someone had pushed it from underground.

Native Americans in the area call it Bears Lodge. Today we call it Devils Tower.

Devils Tower is a white man's name. Native Americans have no 'devil' in their belief [they have gotten along quite well with out him all these centuries].

Legend has it that seven young girls were playing in the area when a giant bear came upon them and gave chase. The girls came across a low rock and began to pray for the Great Spirit to save them.

Suddenly...the rock began to rise and rise and rise... into the heavens.

The angry bear began to claw at the sides of the rock, streaks and gashes which are visible to this day.

According to legend the rock continued to grow into the heavens until the young girls became the Pleiades.

Devils Tower is also known for another historic event....but that is another story....

The name Devils Tower originated in 1875 during an expedition led by Col. Richard Irving Dodge when his interpreter misinterpreted the name to mean Bad God's Tower later shortened to Devils Tower.

Rising 1,267 feet above the surrounding area it is hard to miss

This is a beautiful area and I do recommend a stop if you should ever find yourself here up north.

Alas, we saw no buffalo...or little green men.

After hiking around Devils Tower, we stopped by the KOA campground and had some lunch in the campground cafeteria. As I was paying for lunch, I asked the cashier how far/long Cody, Wyoming was from here.

A gentleman behind me spoke up and said, "it depends on how long it takes you to navigate the curves."

'The curves?' I thought.

The drive from Hulett, Wyoming to Cody, Wyoming looked rather flat and barren on the map.

Little did I know there was an obstacle that lie ahead for us...and it was imposing to say the least:

I'm out.

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