06 June 2010

WALKABOUT 3 - DAY 5 - MILE 1369: Pahaska Tepee

As we left Devils Tower we would find ourselves headed west on I-90 towards Sheridan, Wyoming. It is a pretty desolate drive:

The route from Sheridan to Cody, Wyoming however, is another story. We were headed right for the Big Horn mountains. Cody was on the other side.


As you can tell...it is still pretty much winter in this corner of the world and although the 'big thaw' is under way I was still a bit nervous driving in the mountains knowing it could snow at any time.

That evening we got to our hotel and drove around Cody. We had dinner at this great rib and chop house where I tried my first beef filet. Damn best steak I ever had.

The next morning we headed towards Buffalo Bill State Park.

Our destination was Pahaska Tepee, Buffalo Bill Cody's original lodge about an hour west of Cody, Wyoming in the Shoshone National Forrest.

Like the past two Walkabout tours, we took this one 'off season' which I do suggest if you are planning a trip somewhere. Granted you might have to deal with inclement weather but you can't beat the deals off season. For instance our cabin was only $79.99.

Normally it is $179 a night! It was a great little cabin too. If you want ritz and cable TV and packets of shampoo then you have the wrong idea. This was VERY basic but very comfortable!

This was only the beginning of an even greater adventure that lie ahead...

I'm out.


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